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Jihad in America

I previously commented on New Jersey Indy Media's effectively zero reporting on the murder of a local Internet Chat user. This was a local issue. It is of great importance to anyone who participates in online politics. It involves the silencing (read: Censorship or suppression) of free-thought and free speech. All of these things should have rung bells with supporters of Indymedia who claim to be about all of the above.

But it didn't.

Instead, we got this single piece which amounts to New Jersey's total reporting of this issue and is little more than a damage control press release by a local Arab lobby group.

Elsewhere, and simultaneously on New Jersey Indymedia however is this:
Heil Sharon!
Zionism is a racist/fascist ideology that utilizes terror, wholesale murder and ethnic cleansing. Its proponents must be rooted out and brought before the bar of international justice.

The zionazi troll who haunts NJ Indymedia is a ghoul. He is little different in mentality and outlook than the KKKers and the white sheet guys.

A word to the wise, show him no mercy, as he will show you no mercy.
and so on.

When one commenter asked why they hadn't even mentioned the New Jersey murder (and a dismissive response linked back to this blog by the way) the reply was:
Yes monsters, it is terrible what happened in Jersey City. But Zionism is wrong, and as long as you continue to espouse it we will fight you.
Or in other words, "yes it is terrible what happened in Jersey City but as long as you believe Jews are entitled to a homeland, we are more opposed to your writing articles we disagree with than we are about a man and his family having their throats cut".

Conspiracy theories about 9/11, anti-Bush articles and so on are one thing, but this is sheer blind hatred and quite violent in its nature. I'm not sure I can pin the blame (entirely) on the left either. It is this sort of incitement that leads to actual violence and it has no place in intelligent dialog.

Of course it would be right at home in the Arab press who suspect Jews Zionists and America of responsibility for everything from the Tsunami to 9/11 and beyond (as mocked by Rusty). But is it really necessary in American neighbourhoods any more than a local edition of Al-Jazeera?

One of the 'editors' (and I do use the term lightly) of New Jersey Indymedia had this to say:
Yes, NJ is less moderated [do you think? -ed] and more free speech than other IMC’s. No that does not mean that anything goes [unless it's about Jews -ed] or that we don’t have a point of view. I along with other editor routinely delete posts from supremacists of every stripe [except sometimes... -ed]
This really sums up the problem with Indymedia better than any other example I can list. Do New Jersey locals actually know this is going on in their streets today? Throats being cut, incitement against Jews and blind hatred of everything they take for granted? I'd want to know before I found out the hard way...

If you live in New Jersey, do something smart about it, and let me know.

"Yes, NJ is less moderated [do you think? -ed] and more free speech than other IMC’s. No that does not mean that anything goes [unless it's about Jews -ed] or that we don’t have a point of view. I along with other editor routinely delete posts from supremacists of every stripe [except sometimes... -ed]

They routinely delete posts that show them for what they are too! They're less moderated (possibly) but they're promoting a very bad agenda. I saw the phoney article last night. ( And guess what? It had "one" comment posted which has been removed. For an unknown reason I copied the comment then returned to the page today to see what further comments were posted and Now there were none, not even one. This one instance shows me unequivocably "who" and "what" is involved in the website and the ADCNJ.

This was the posted comment about the aforementioned article;

Re: WorldWide Guerilla Warfare Ideology

by You Fell For It, Not Me!

Aref Assaf, President of ADCNJ;

"...regardless of motive or justification..."

"...or justification..."

"It is imperative not to escalate the gravity of the crime by further fostering baseless generalizations and or suppositions about widespread religious strife between Muslims and Christians."

"...not to further fostering baseless generalizations.......about widespread religious strife between Muslims and........"

"The heartless killer not only slit Sylvia's throat, but also sliced a huge gash in her chest and stabbed her in the wrist, where she had a tattoo of a Coptic cross. "

"Osama Hassan, director of the Islamic Center of Jersey City, described the relationship between Copts and Muslims as cooperative if not friendly. "

"I think there might be people that can get into physical fights, but not to the point of murder," Hassan said. "

'"This is not a robbery, Ayed said. "We found all of the jewelry in the house. They didn't take anything."'
You say they "routinely delete posts that show them for what they are too!"

It's called denial and complicity. If the Government did it, they'd be the first to call it a cover-up and a scandal.

There is no question that they do not delete/hide/remove/whatever disgraceful material despite claims to the contrary. A quick look at the "hidden articles" link shows essentially the only things which were hidden were those articles that had a technical screwup (HTML, formatting or non-submission). The fact the article I linked to is still showing in all its 'glory' proves the point.

In any case, the whole Indymedia practice of 'hiding' articles versus simply deleting them is the equivalent of a newspaper including a daily liftout of all the material unfit to print on the pages before. Do you promise not to look?

As for "Less moderated" - Less moderated than what? A blank wall in the Bronx? The sites are either responsible or they aren't. My opinion should be obvious.

Thanks for visiting.
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