Tuesday, November 30, 2004


San Fransisco admits Indy Media may have a problem

I previously quoted someone saying that one of the main reasons San Fransico Indy Media "attracts so much traffic... first and foremost is that we practice quality control."

It seems some terrible things (in this case reprinting typically dubious Arab news pieces) have managed to 'slip' through the quality control system.

Nevertheless, an editorial on SF Indy Media at least admits they have some way to go:

we have admitted some humility and decided we should learn some lessons from the corporate media. We believe there should be some culture of accountability within Indymedia and we are embarrassed that many corporate media organizations probably have better-defined codes of ethics than most IMCs.
We must have the honesty to admit where they do a better job than us (and consequently get levels of respect and attention which we do not).

This is of course something I have been (ahem) hinting at for some time. Kudos to SF Indy Media for being mature enough to realise this. Let's hope it turns into genuine action in which case best of luck to them. May the results be worthwhile for everybody and an inspiration to other problematic Indy Media sites.

Now for the other 11 steps...
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