Saturday, October 16, 2004


Sense of Maturity

Nodes of Conflict: Weaving a Web of Radical Communications says of the future of Indy Media:

"We want to kick start a shift towards maturing into a real media network that can compete with any of the best wire services in the world"


I wonder if they realise that the "best wire services in the world" probably wouldn't run articles like this (from the same site):

  • Howard's a WANKER!
  • Everything you need to know about everything

    And lastly, racing up the charts: Money is fucked - The song.

    I suspect the "Best wire services in the world" aren't feeling threatened by Indy Media's aspirations just yet... The problem detailed in a reply to the article:
    The fact remains that even if there are over 200 indymedias only about half of them have anything useful on them mostly cut 'n' pasted, and about a third are just totally useless. For example Brisbane which is dominated by Indymedia spam, porn, flaming and abusive right-wing crap.

    Good, consistant journalism takes time, work and resources, which is what the mainstream media has"

    (and Indy Media hasn't).

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