Thursday, September 23, 2004


Spam isn't kosher

I have previously questioned the point of multiple 'local' Indy Media sites when it seems the same articles appear on many of them.

Why (Scotland) do (UK) you (Seattle) think I got (Sydney) that idea anyway?

Too bad the poster didn't actually RTFA before posting it as whilst his intent was to condemn Israel, according to a Sydney poster, the article actually shows Israel's legal system, process of appeal and compensation. A pretty decent portrayal too, headline notwithstanding.

The bottom line: Spam posters on Indy Media are like seagulls. There's lots of them who fly in, make a lot of noise, cover everything in shit and fly out again.

You may be interested to see what the rabbi has to say about Spam :-)
The 'spam' on Indy Media makes the stuff in my inbox about penis-enlargements and cheap home loans seem positively benign in comparison!

I shudder to think 'what the Rabbi's opinion' is of Indy Media. Brrr.....
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