Thursday, September 09, 2004


I've got mail...

Stu over at Crumbling Ivory sent me a quick email as follows:
Your website is the proctologist of the internet. You truly have to slog through some of the most vile crap, but it is job that someone has to do. Me, it'd make me sick to wade through IndyMedia. But thank you for doing it.

Stu has also adopted his own euphemism for Islamist terrorist. Namely, Pasteurized Process Cheese Food Product. Makes about as much sense as attackers, bombers, captors, extremists, fighters, gunmen, hostage-takers, insurgents, kidnappers, militants, radicals, rebels, separatists and activists (Daniel Pipes) doesn't it?

Stu's comments about hating to visit Indy Media got me thinking. Could it be that intelligent reasonable people are staying away from Indy Media altogether? Put right off by the usual caliber of posting? If so, it would seem that Indy Media is encouraging the evil and driving away the good. In other words, they are Distilling stupidity.

I've pointed out previously that others have left Indy Media in droves on precisely this basis. Evidently IMC don't know, or don't care. It's the latter option which I find more likely.

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