Thursday, September 16, 2004


Israel begint het door te krijgen (Bork Bork Bork)

Even though I couldn't understand it, I was pretty certain I understood...

I was just thinking that Indy-Media was wholly one-dimensional (anti-Bush, anti-Israel, thanks for playing) irrespective of location or current affairs.

This time it appears some kontneuker has contributed by translating some mildly interesting Ha'aretz article into Dutch.
What can I can say but Ga kots drinken ranzige smegmakegel.

Any article in left-wing Israeli paper Ha'aretz which is critical of Israel is guaranteed to get airtime on Indymedia simply because (so the anti-Semites' favourite argument goes) "you can't call it anti-Semitic if a Jew wrote it right"?


Firstly, Ha'aretz is frequently critical of the Israeli Government just like American papers of the George W Bush, simply because Israel is the only country in the Middle East where journalists don't have to worry about Fatwas.

The linked article also fails to give context to the point that Israel's Attorney General can rule against the Government without being murdered in public.

If you single out Israel yet only repost the negative articles and consistently omit other material it's anti-Semitic and you know it. If you hold Israel (as the only Jewish State) to a higher level of accountability or human rights than other countries with virtually no freedom or human rights, yes Virginia, it is anti-Semitism. But you really knew that didn't you?

Someone in Israel breaks wind and Indy Media will be all over it.
Of course if it's just someone getting their head sawn off or a 16 year old being hanged in public that's okay right? It sure is on Indy Media...

I wish to thank you for setting up this blog. I am of a similar view to your self as I consider Indy Media to be a good idea gone bad; a shame really but thank you for monitoring the decline of a noble idea.

Keep up the good work, comrade.

Sister Geoff (
Thanks Geoff.

It is a sorry job...
Not sure I understand - it certainly looks like the link at the end ran on indymedia, and it doesn't look the author was much too happy about Iran's theocracy killing children.

What on that latter page (, which you linked at the bottom) says that "that's okay"?
My comment was written in the context of the variety of articles on Sydney's Indy Media site. If you review the site's open and uncensored 'newswire' for the last few weeks since I posted it, or follow the various posting 'handles' using the search engine (which I find is another way of herding the various types of posters), a pretty clear pattern emerges.

That is, one one hand, you have numerous and frequent articles such as this which intially refer to Israelis arrested for drugs in LA (but was apparently 'sexed up a little' by adding baseless claims that the Israelis had in fact been trying to poison people).

On the other hand, you specifically don't have anywhere near a similar quantity of articles about far worse criminal or human rights atrocities in other countries simply because they just aren't on Indy Media's agenda.

In fact, it seems according to one of the messages on that site that the moderators have no intention of removing the offending article. I may make this a post of its own.

Certainly you don't hear about non-Jews getting arrested for drug crime in LA even though I'm pretty confident Jews aren't the leading ethnic crime problem.

I hope that clarifies it for you.

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