Thursday, September 23, 2004


Indy Activists Unite!

I came across the headline "Activist killed in Gaza" and assumed a protester had been caught in the crossfire or bulldozed.

Not exactly, but apparently an activist was killed prompting this condemnation:

"Israel has no justification for killing an activist who was merely enaged in protest, no matter what his means of protest happened to be".

Even if his "means of protest" happens to be suicide bombing and firing of rockets towards Israeli cities?

Nope. No justification at all. Gotta love a bit of activism, and suicide bombing sure beats the hell out of placards and slogans doesn't it?

Wow, that conclusion comes right out of left field, doesn't it? The article appears to be factual and intereseting. Then that ridiculous conclusion.

Good work. I mean it.

Welcome to Indy Media... Passing itself off as a factual news and editorial site when the truth is a very different story.

Thanks for your praise.
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