Thursday, September 09, 2004


Bomb blast in Jakarta, crickets chirping in Sydney...

And speaking of Pasteurized Process Cheese Food Product, it looks like the Australian Embassy in Jakarta has been bombed with at least 7 killed. Angry Methodists perhaps? Oppressed Mormons maybe? Or is it those brutal Indonesian Buddhists again?

Who knows? Certainly not Sydney Indy Media which at the time of writing had at least 4 articles written since the bombing, none of which mentioned the bombing. Let me guess, that's the evil corporate scum media's role right? Right.

Melbourne Indy Media? Nope, nothing to see here either.

I wonder who Indy Media posters will blame first. John Howard or the Jews? Certainly won't be the (cough) Pasteurized Process Cheese Food Product.

Update: It was John Howard - A bombing that could help HoWARd on Oct 9 (=Oz federal elections). Meanwhile, as predicted there are other Indy articles which make no mention of the actual bombers, but assign full responsiblity to the Australian Government and the victims.
Who's going to pay Indonesia for loss of security and tourism? Honest John? Or the Australian taxpayers?
While 7+ humans lost their life, Indy Media makes no mention of the real perpetrators and is worried about tourism dollars. Nice!

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